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HydraMaxx - Hydraulic Oil Additive, Automatic Transmissions

HydraMaxx - Hydraulic Oil Additive, Automatic Transmissions

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HydraMaxx is specially designed for use in hydraulic systems, where piston, gear or vane pumps are used to circulate oil and transmit power.  HydraMaxx is the first hydraulic oil treatment specifically designed to maintain maximum operating efficiency of your hydraulic system. This unique hydraulic system treatment from Power Up works wirh your existing oil to provide long term wear and corrosion protection for metal components and extend seal and hose life.

At low application rates, HydraMaxx provides a wear-reducing, protective film inside pumps and valves that helps to reduce operating temperatures and extend equipment life.  HydraMaxx also improves the corrosion inhibiting properties and the low temperature flow properties of hydraulic oils to provide long-term protection in the most demanding applications.

Primary Benefits of HydraMaxx:

HydraMaxx reduces friction within the boundary lubrication regime where metal-to-metal contact occurs, primarily in the pump, cylinder rod and control valve areas of the hydraulic system.  Reducing friction lowers operating temperatures and improves component performance, efficiency and longevity.

Secondary Benefits of HydraMaxx:

  • Supplements protection against rust and corrosion
  • Improves low temperature fluidity
  • Improves the oil’s ability to demulsify (separate) water
  • Emulsifies trace water to maintain a protective oil film that resists rupture
  • Improves the oil’s ability to clean and disperse contaminants.
  • Improves filtration efficiency by reducing the generation of large wear particles.

Product Application:

HydraMaxx is recommended in all hydraulic circulating systems at a 3% ratio for ambient temperatures above 0˚C (32˚F) and a 5% ratio in operating conditions where the temperature may drop below 0˚C (32˚F).  HydraMaxx is recommended for use with mineral oils and polyalphaolefin and diester based synthetic fluids. HydraMaxx is not recommended for use with water based fluids, phosphate esters or polyglycol fluids.

For complete information and specifications on HydraMaxx see our product information link below.

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HydraMaxx Product Information Sheet

HydraMaxx MSDS

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