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Advanced Lubricants is the distributor of many fine products including:

  • Kleenoil Bypass Filter Systems – “Experience the benefits of clean oil ALL the time!”,
  • Power Up Lubricants Additives and Grease – “Proven to significantly reduce wear!”, and
  • Bio-Matrix Spill Clean Up Products – “Natural cost effective and efficient spill clean-up products”.

We distribute these products in the state of Alaska (excluding Kodiak Island and the Aleutian Boroughs). If you are outside of our distributorship, contact us using our About Us page and we will be more than happy to put you in touch with your local distributor.

We also distribute MULTI SEALTM – “Advanced Tire Sealant Technology” products in Alaska and throughout North America. MULTI SEALTM offers a tire sealant that actually works and lasts the life of the tire. It’s the last tire sealant you will ever need to use!

Alaska often feels a disconnect from the other places due to availability of products in state. If a product is not carried by a local store it is often cost prohibitive to ship small quantities to Alaska. Products listed on our store are stocked in state and reflect the best shipping prices available to us. Freight to Alaska is included in the published price. Any additional shipping in state will be added at check out. If your not in a hurry for your order and reside in the South Central Area check out our COD method at check out. We often can meet up with you or drop off products when we are in your area. Call or message us first to check on availability of this service.